Ahn Jaehyeon
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Name: 안재현
Date of birth: 87-01-07
Height : 186 cm
Twitter: @AAGBan
Anonymous whispered:
Oh my gah. Ahn jaehyeon (☆_☆)

hahaha yes! pretty boy~

"You’re all surrounded" -poster shooting
praewwj whispered:
Hi~~~ i love ur blog so much, thanks for keeping update. i love Ahnjaehyun oppa very much and i'll visit korea soon so i wanna ask you if u've ever seen him urself? if it's not too much i just wanna ask how can you find him, do u have his schedule or news or anythg? I'm sorry for bothering but i really wanna meet him once in a lifetime... Thanks in advance.... if you can tell or anythg it's fine just let me know,Thank you^^

Hello!~ thank you so much! I’ll try to update more ;__;!! 

I haven’t had the chance to see AJH~ but I hope you will =) If you follow him on twitter he usually post his schedules, sometimes he does fansigning events in stores for his brand. So here are some few things you can do to get to see him (in official events)!~: 

1. Go to Mnet’s M!Countdown: he’s the mc now, so if you can get in you’ll be able to see him host the show. 
2. Follow him on twitter and facebook for official events 
3. Drop by his agency Esteem and ask for the next fashion event he’s on:
T +822.512.9312~4 F +822.512.9317
B-404 RodeoStar B/D, 46-gil, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

4. This is one of the main fansite  they organized a lot of events for him so you could try with them. 
5. And finally you can ask this amazing translator too ^^

I hope you enjoy your stay! Even if you don’t get to see him it’s okay, he’s been pretty busy with filming lately~! Enjoy your trip! 

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